“Free” Chicken Wings

19 May

My husband’s engine  on his truck that he loves dearly went a few weeks ago.  That combined with some other extra expenses and  hiccups in income, are encouraging us to become creative with our thriftiness, getting that truck up and running as soon as we can.

One thing I do is use whole chickens.  I often roast one for a meal and have leftover for soup or a thrifty chicken dish like this.  Then I use the bones for stock.  Another trick to get even more out of one of these little guys is,  taking off the wings, I take them off before I cook the chicken, split them and throw them in a ziplock. You get 4 pieces off of each chicken.  I use at least 2 chickens a month, so in two months, I have 16 chicken wings to cook up.  Easy as that!

I’ll probably have some more good money saving tips coming up, I’m getting pretty good at making breads, not eating out, preparing menus, so some of this should be coming soon!

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