Weekend Baking and Gardening

15 Mar

Friday night the hubby and I got to go on a “date”, we went to a small, local homeschool convention.  It was good and I am looking forward to attending  the big one in Orlando next year.  We did pick up Old Boy’s 2nd grade math curriculum, we decided on Singapore. Since we couldn’t wait and were done with all his first grade, we started it today.  I love his love for learning!  OK, it’s not always that perfect, try to get the boy to write a 3 sentence summary, he’d rather pick up all his brother’s toys for a month.  Seriously.

This weekend I tried homemade hot dog  rolls-easy and soooo good.  Sunday we used them for Philly Cheese Steaks and I even got the hubbies approval.  Not the healthiest, made with white flour, but without all the preservatives and such.  Did I mention they were good?  The article mentions they aren’t cheaper than the store bought, but our store brands are at least $1 and a decent pack of rolls is $2-$3.  I roughly figured the price of the homemade is less than $1 and you get 12 vs. 8 of the store brand, so they’re pretty frugal too.

We have a tiny spot in front of our house where I have an attempt at a garden.  Old Boy and I dug it up and planted 2 blueberry bushes, and 2 tomato plants, I know, why so much???  I intend to plant some cucumbers and lettuce in the next few days, we shall see what happens.  I won’t plant anymore for now because so far, I haven’t had the greatest results.

That and some grocery shopping, reading, relaxing and playing outside in the gorgeous weather sums up our weekend .


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