iPod lesson

07 Oct

My husband got an iPod touch a few years ago “free” with his MacBook. Since then, we have gotten iPhones and he doesn’t need it.  He gave it to his father, who now has an iPhone, so we have the iPod back into our hands.  My 7 year old has wanted it for a long time, he loves to play games on it (and doesn’t it do music too??)  🙂

We got it back just before his 7th birthday, so we  put an $80 price tag on it and “gave” him half of it for his birthday.  He had to come up with $40 and we had a list of things he had to show responsibility with.  Here are some of the things he did.

For money:

Cleaned out and vacuumed car (after a long trip-it was bad),

Weeded the back garden (also, after we were gone about a month, weeds were almost as big as him),

Helped weed the front garden (ditto),

Cleaned base boards,

Emptied dishwasher lots of times,

and some other tasks, can’t remember.

He also had some money and was given some money for his birthday, the rest he earned by doing those things.


Take care of your Bible like you would take care of your iPod touch (that’s my favorite)

Be ready for school at 9:00 (this had been an issue-great motivation)

Have all morning chores done-without me nagging

Memorize the rest of Matthew 5:1-12-he had it started

Memorize Phillipians 4:8-9 (iPod is strictly locked down-but just in case, thought this was good to have in his heart)

Memorize Isaiah 54:17

There may have been some other things, but that’s pretty much it.

One month and one day after his birthday he received his iPod and he’s a very happy 7 year old.  Sometimes I thought it was kind of a lot-but he’s 7 and he has an iPod touch…

It is a great tool has lots of games, his e-mail, Bible reader, flash cards, music, audio books and I’m sure something else.  He’s a happy boy and I think it’s been a great lesson for him.

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