When Evil was Bad and Good was Good

14 Mar

I guess I will start this off a bit heavy, because this is what is on my mind…
We had a neighbor girl who used to stop by our house here and there. She was 12 when our oldest was 3, but she liked to hang out here. She was 15, a few weeks ago when she and 2 friends were hit by a train. No one survived. Minutes before this, they were at a witchcraft store “having fun” according to a text messages to one of the parents.

There have been so many thoughts and sadness for the families, but the thing that really gets me, when did this become FUN??? When I was a kid (a few decades ago)  witches in stories were evil, ugly, you wanted to avoid them and if you didn’t, something bad happened to you.

Today, many books, movies, children’s shows paint witches, vampires and wizards as the good guy. They are made glamorous, fun and intriguing. Our kids (and we) start reading and watching this stuff, doors are opened and interests are peaked. There is so much other great stuff out there, why do we feel the need to fill our minds with this junk, why risk it?

This is a time when many are looking for something to believe in, let’s point to the One who created us, in everything we do 🙂

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