Surviving Wednesday Night Church with 3 Littles

28 Apr

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I have three boys: 6, 3 and 1.  I also have a very busy hubby.  Here is a “typical” wednesday night at our house.

3-4:30 (yeah, I start that early)  pack diaper bag, make sure kids are dressed or at least have clean clothes laid out-get dinner ready

4:30 Fill the Littles bellies

5:00-5:30 Clean up from dinner, finish dressing, shoes, diapers, get them in the car   Phew!!!

5:30 leave for our 25 minute drive

6:00 Drop off daddy for worship practice, we run errands, go to the park, do something to keep the kiddos busy

7:00 Return to church, I would like to,  but try not to get there early.  Since Daddy is always on stage, it is 3 on 1 for worship time until they go to their classes.  It pretty much wears me out.

8:15 church ends, after picking up kids, chatting, Jeremy doing something he needs to do (someone always needs him), drive home, and kids to bed it’s usually about 10:00.

Something that has made it sooo much easier is:  putting the kids in comfy clothes for church.  Not so much the oldest,  he dresses himself, but the 2 little ones go in sweats and a t-shirt.  They come home, quick snack, teeth brushed and straight to bed (diapers get changed in the nursery-yeah!)  Some may think it’s gross sleeping in the same clothes they were in nursery, but seriously, I don’t care.  It brings me that much peace  and it Works for Me!


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  1. Eos Mom

    April 28, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    Wow that sounds really hard, I admire you for making it happen! I have a 4- and a 1-year-old and we’ve just now gotten back to going to church as a family–it’s tough! I think your comfy clothes idea makes a lot of sense. I have a friend who has a weekly yoga night and she brings her kids already dressed in pajamas–hey, it works!

  2. 'Becca

    April 29, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    Sounds like a great plan! They’re probably more comfortable while they’re there, as well as being ready for bed when you get home.

    It is possible that they’re picking up grossness from crawling around the nursery floor . . . but you could handle that by changing their sheets on Thursdays! That’s my strategy for calming down about times my son conks out wearing dirty clothes. 🙂