No Child Left Inside

08 May

I come from the middle of no where, we had no traffic lights, anywhere.  They put one up in “town”  when I was in eleventh grade.  We watched in awe from our Social Studies class.  My parents live on 15 acres and there were many more we could hike through.  The boys have a blast when we go there, able to run, play, dig, create, observe and inspect when we visit.   I went off and moved to the big city here in FL, by big city I mean, we have 6 houses on our street.  We only have a quarter acre, but empty lots on all sides.  

Today,  I let my kids play in the woods empty lot next to us.  I’ve always been a little skiddish, being in FL and all, snakes and bugs and such.  They had rubber boots on, mind you…  Anyways, they had a great time, played so long WITHOUT fighting.  Tearing apart dead tree stumps, playing with vines and inspecting leaves.  I don’t know if I’m a big fan of this free range parenting that I’ve heard of, but I’m learning to let go a little.

Oh, and yes, I am the mother of Buzz Light Year, he may be from space, but loves to play in the dirt.   🙂


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