Going to Hollywood!

17 Mar

Hollywood, FL that is. I know, misleading, but it’s fun to say and makes me think we are going to have fun. Now to get to my point.  My son has had cyclic fevers for 10 months and we are finally getting somewhere with a pediatric rheumatologist.  They (the doctors)  think it is Familial Mediterranean Fever and have started him on colchicine to see if that will help  with the attacks.

Part of my quest in healthy cooking and eating is trying to control his outbreaks and the symptoms, so far I have found very little information on this.  Even though FMF is genetic, I know a healthy diet will improve my boy’s quality of life and I will share anything that I find helpful here.  I am a firm believer that what we eat can help or hurt our bodies, and with a natural diet we can greatly increase our quality of life.

For anyone interested or curious, some of the symptoms are:  cyclic fevers every 16-22 days, lasting 1-3 days,  joint pain, stomach pain and loss of appetite.

*UPDATE*  My boy was HEALED!!!!! Oh yes, no doubt!   He had the genetic testing done and they found the FMF gene.  I did not like giving him the colchicine and a good friend told me to pray over the meds and there may be a time when he won’t take them any more.  This is not a disease that goes away, you take a pill every day for the rest of your life period.  A few months later, I didn’t feel right about giving him the medicine anymore and stopped it.  This was 3 months ago and I have a healthy, healed, thriving almost 7 year old boy!  Thank you Jesus!


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3 Grain Waffles

16 Mar

Before I had kids, I was a chef.  I ran the kitchen at an old mansion turned restaurant  for breakfast and lunch .  Our big deal was waffles, and not  your ordinary waffle.   A huge Belgian waffle,  piled high with strawberries, fresh fruit, pecans, ice cream, whip cream, or chocolate chips. You could get any of these or all of the above, then top it off with gooey, warm, homemade caramel syrup.  Besides the fresh fruit, there was nothing healthy about these.  At our house, we do these super yummy 3 grain waffles.  I’ll be straight and say the hubby does not approve, but I think the pickiest of kids would like these, mine all love them.  They’re a great finger food for babies babies who are at this stage.   My littlest had nothing to do with baby cereal, these were great for him to get a decent breakfast.  I make a double batch,what we don’t eat goes into  Tupperware or Ziplock and into the freezer, pull one out when I need one and stick it in the toaster and that works for me!

3 Grain Waffles


1/2 Cup Whole Wheat Flour

1/2 C Unbleached All Purpose Flour

1/4 C rolled oats

2 TBS  ground flax seed

1 tsp baking soda

pinch salt

Then add:

1-1/4 Cups low-fat buttermilk (I usually use regular milk)

2 TBS maple syrup

1 LG Egg, lightly beaten

1 TBS canola oil

1 tsp vanilla

Mix together and let set a couple minutes.  Cook according to your waffle makers directions.  This recipe also makes great pancakes.   Serve with butter  and maple syrup, or Strawberries and Chocolate Chips, or Whip Cream, or… get the picture.

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Weekend Baking and Gardening

15 Mar

Friday night the hubby and I got to go on a “date”, we went to a small, local homeschool convention.  It was good and I am looking forward to attending  the big one in Orlando next year.  We did pick up Old Boy’s 2nd grade math curriculum, we decided on Singapore. Since we couldn’t wait and were done with all his first grade, we started it today.  I love his love for learning!  OK, it’s not always that perfect, try to get the boy to write a 3 sentence summary, he’d rather pick up all his brother’s toys for a month.  Seriously.

This weekend I tried homemade hot dog  rolls-easy and soooo good.  Sunday we used them for Philly Cheese Steaks and I even got the hubbies approval.  Not the healthiest, made with white flour, but without all the preservatives and such.  Did I mention they were good?  The article mentions they aren’t cheaper than the store bought, but our store brands are at least $1 and a decent pack of rolls is $2-$3.  I roughly figured the price of the homemade is less than $1 and you get 12 vs. 8 of the store brand, so they’re pretty frugal too.

We have a tiny spot in front of our house where I have an attempt at a garden.  Old Boy and I dug it up and planted 2 blueberry bushes, and 2 tomato plants, I know, why so much???  I intend to plant some cucumbers and lettuce in the next few days, we shall see what happens.  I won’t plant anymore for now because so far, I haven’t had the greatest results.

That and some grocery shopping, reading, relaxing and playing outside in the gorgeous weather sums up our weekend .


When Evil was Bad and Good was Good

14 Mar

I guess I will start this off a bit heavy, because this is what is on my mind…
We had a neighbor girl who used to stop by our house here and there. She was 12 when our oldest was 3, but she liked to hang out here. She was 15, a few weeks ago when she and 2 friends were hit by a train. No one survived. Minutes before this, they were at a witchcraft store “having fun” according to a text messages to one of the parents.

There have been so many thoughts and sadness for the families, but the thing that really gets me, when did this become FUN??? When I was a kid (a few decades ago)  witches in stories were evil, ugly, you wanted to avoid them and if you didn’t, something bad happened to you.

Today, many books, movies, children’s shows paint witches, vampires and wizards as the good guy. They are made glamorous, fun and intriguing. Our kids (and we) start reading and watching this stuff, doors are opened and interests are peaked. There is so much other great stuff out there, why do we feel the need to fill our minds with this junk, why risk it?

This is a time when many are looking for something to believe in, let’s point to the One who created us, in everything we do 🙂

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